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YouTube Gets Its Very Own Incognito Mode

YouTube now has its own in-built Incognito Mode, just like Google Chrome. YouTube’s Incognito Mode lets you watch YouTube videos without your activity being logged. Essentially it’s like pulling a cloak over you and your smartphone while watching YouTube.

YouTube Gets Its Own Incognito Mode

As anyone who has ever used Chrome’s Incognito Mode will know, using the feature gives you a certain level of privacy. YouTube’s Incognito Mode does the same thing, meaning the videos you watch won’t show up in your history or inform future recommendations.

This means you can finally click on those controversial videos you’ve always wanted to watch without the risk of them informing your recommendations from now on. Because YouTube cannot fathom what you watch for fun and what you watch out of intrigue.

YouTube’s Incognito Mode will also prove handy when passing your phone to someone else. Once it has been enabled, only the Home and Trending sections can be accessed. Your Subscriptions, Inbox, and Library are all hidden while in Incognito Mode.

As good as YouTube’s Incognito Mode is, Google does warn that “your activity might still be visible to your employer, school, or internet service provider.” In other words, don’t assume everything you do in Incognito Mode is free from prying eyes.

How to Turn On YouTube’s Incognito Mode

To turn on YouTube’s Incognito Mode, open the YouTube app, click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner, and tap “Turn on Incognito”. Your profile picture will disappear, and the bar at the bottom will inform you “You’re incognito”. Simples.

YouTube’s Incognito Mode is currently only available on Android, and while YouTube hasn’t yet indicated if and when it will be rolled out to iOS it’s surely only a matter of time. Until then, if you’re an iOS user you’ll have to be careful about what you watch.

Image Credit: Marco Verch/Flickr

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