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5 Awesome Free Printable Board Games

If you’re on the lookout for a new geeky craft for yourself or the kids you’ve probably considered making your own board games as an idea. But you probably didn’t realise that you can do it very easily for free. There are a number of games available online which are easy to print and play without the need for fancy things only available in boxed board games. You might need a couple of poker chips for the occasional game, but the essential boards and cards can be printed yourself.

If you’re handy with a laminator and some plastic tubs, these games could last a long while. And if they don’t, you can just print them again. No worries. Here’s some great printable games and sources to get you started.

BSG Express

BSG Express is a free non-profit print-and-play version of the extremely popular Battlestar Galactica game by Fantasy Flight Games. BSG Express is a much quicker game, but takes on many of the elements of the original game. Roll for skills, play action cards and accuse your friends of being toasters. There’s a bit of bluffing and deduction in there too, so it’s lots of fun.

Take-Back Toe

This Take-Back Toe game looks simple, is incredibly easy to learn and yet can be played repeatedly without getting boring. Take 40 poker chips, a 4×3 grid and a die, then prepare to work on your strategy.

Kolejka – Communist Poland

If educational games are your thing, why not teach your kids what it’s like to live in a communist country? Kolejka has you lining up at the doors of shops without knowing which shops are going to have a delivery that day. People use cards such as “Mother with a small child” to advance in the queue, then make deals with the merchants directly. It’s all in the name of getting home with a full bag of shopping.

Dr Who

Here’s a solitary adventure game based on Doctor Who. Whovians will love being able to take part in their own Dr Who story. Cards help you to gain allies, form enemies and take part in events and adventures. Basically, you’re writing your own Dr Who adventure, and what could be bad about that?


Sticking to the theme of time travel, TimeLine is another game you might like. Timeline has players combing history to buy important artifacts, then heading to the end of time to sell them.

Printing Games

All of these games are available for free to print, but if you’re really slack there are ways to get them printed professionally. Games such as TimeLine are already available to be printed at ArtsCow, while it’s also possible to get companies like ArtsCow to print any other printable card games you find online.

More Printable Games

If you’ve decided you like printable games, check out BoardGame Geek’s list of printable games and the list of free games at CheapAss. You’re bound to find some more games to enjoy.

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